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Importance of Mehndi | Henna

Introduction to Mehndi

Mehndi, or else known as henna, is a paste associated with optimistic feelings and good luck. The Indian wedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held on the night before the wedding starts, which may wish the bride health and prosperity as she is going to travel to the bridal. A Mehndi ceremony has been organized by the bride’s family in which female ingredients from all sides have been collected. While mehndi is primarily for women, male relatives are invited to attend the party after the bride’s mehndi is completed. The main importance of applying mehndi is to use its natural medicinal herbal remedies, to cool the body and suppress it before the big day. To get rid of the bride, henna is applied to both hands and feet by cooling the nerve endings of the body, and preventing the nerves from being strained.

Mehndi Designs

The bride’s family either calls the mehndi artist to come to their home or a relative from a relative’s family to design for the bride and her guests. Although Indian Vedic mehndi designs are traditionally applied to brides, brides today use Indo-Arabic and Arabic designs as an inspiration to adorn their hands and feet. You may know that some artists include names of bride and groom on figure and hands, animals, elements of nature etc. After applying mehndi, the bride has to wait for mehndi to color her hands and feet to create a lasting design. It is generally believed in Indian tradition that the darker the color of the bride’s mehndi, the more her husband will love her.

Mehndi Party

Modern Indian weddings have traditionally adopted a new tradition of adding up song and dance to the mehndi ceremony. relatives will gather to celebrate a choreographic dance for the bride and later bring the bride to the dance floor to celebrate her upcoming marriage. In various ways, mehndi acts as a second sangeet, and brings the family together to celebrate the couple before marriage.


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